General conditions

If the CLIENT does not cancel his reservation more than one month in advance of the day of entry, if he does not show up at the date fixed at the time of booking or if he does not pay the agreed amount before the date established, the paid amount as reservation will be retained by Fincas Maritim Playa as damages.
If, after the payment of the deposit, the CLIENT cancels the reservation, Fincas Maritim Playa reserves the right to return the account:
-> 50% of the amount paid as a deposit can be recovered if the cancellation is communicated with advance of 15 to 30 days and
-> 80% when carried out with an advance of more than 30 days.
The costs of return are in charge of the CLIENT.
If the CLIENT advances his departure, Fincas Maritim Playa reserves the right to return the corresponding differential amount of the contracted days.